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= The Openeering Wiki is an online catalog and a companion forum discussing free and open source software, books, websites, licenses, and hardware systems for use in designing and manufacturing openly licensed hardware.



"The mission of the Openeering Wiki is to eliminate the barriers to participate in open engineering projects.

The Openeering Wiki is a project of Mach 30: Foundation for Space Development. This website is a home for discussions about the tools and techniques that make open engineering affordable. Inspired by the "Open Source Engineering Tools " page on, the Openeering Wiki expands the idea of an online catalog of open source tools into an online community using the WikiSpaces integrated per page forums feature. Users are encourage to not only help catalog the available software, books, and other tools available under open or free licenses, but to also discuss those tools in the forums attached to each page. Please feel free to discuss any and all topics related to the tools, including everything from how to select the right tool for a given problem to what sites provide the best answers to support questions for a given tool.

The mission of Mach 30 is to hasten the advancement of humanity into a spacefaring civilization through sustainable leadership, open design practices, and a bias toward mature technology. An essential element of that mission is supporting open engineering practices. Please join us in supporting open engineering projects everywhere." (