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= global journey amongst open knowledge initiatives, starting July 2013



"Starting in July 2013 and for one year, we will travel through South-East Europe, Turkey, India, South-East Asia, Japan and South-America. We are going to take advantage of this opportunity and meet people, collectives and organisations actively working on making information, knowledge and education available for everyone. This site will contain the documentation of these encounters and feature the projects we discover along our journey.

Open Steps is a non-profit project which consist on exploring, documenting and divulging the state of the art in the field of Open Knowledge around the world.

logo_transparentWhy Open Knowledge/Knowledge sharing? We believe the philosophy behind these topics is of major importance for our society and the future generations. Making information, knowledge and education available for everyone is a big step towards equality where internet and new technologies should be the tool that communities and governments should employ rationally to achieve this goal, that’s why topics like Open Data are going to play a big role on our research. Please, read the Our Project section to experience more about this.

Many individuals, collectives and organisations are currently working hard in this direction, and those are the ones who we will talk about in this platform." (