Open Platform Cooperatives UK 2016

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= Open 2016 is a UK conference on Platform Cooperatives



"Imagine a transparent, democratic and decentralised economy which works for everyone. A society in which anyone can become a co-owner of the organisations on which they, their family and their community depend. A world where everyone can participate in all the decisions that affect them.

This is not a utopian ideal, it is the natural outcome of a networked society made up of platform cooperatives; online organisations owned and managed by their members. By providing a viable alternative to the standard internet business model based on monopoly and extraction, platform cooperatives provide a template for a new type of organisation – forming the building blocks for a new economy.

Open 2016, the first event of it’s kind in the UK, will explore how collaborative software and cooperative ownership models are being combined to create this new economy. Bringing together Businesses, NGOs and Civil Society, Open 2016 will showcase the latest tools, technologies and projects at the forefront of this growing movement. With presentations from co-operative development experts, legal practitioners and software developers, Open 2016 will focus on the practical steps needed to set up platform coops and accelerate their growth."