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"In the US, weather data is public domain. But in most European countries, it’s not. Data from model outputs, rain radars, ground stations and satellites is sold for 100,000′s of euros.

This policy has a lot of side effects:

  • Free public services are quite bad, because they need to sell “premium” services.
  • No startup or SME can afford this price -> No “weather” business in Europe. Growing 1% against 20% in the US.
  • public agencies and researchers have big difficulties getting the data they need.

I was sad to learn that my departement is buying weather from a Belgium company instead of from the French national public agency.

So, OpenMeteoData has several goals :

  • To provide easy access to already available data.
  • To gather people and technical resources for creating open forecasts (both human analysis and numerical models)
  • To help institutions to open their data, and explain benefits to them
  • To act as a catalyst in the debate about opening public data. I’m already in touch with French government and Météo France.
  • To provide a platform to gather projects about open meteorology."


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