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" is one of the biggest online communities, social networks and portals for the free desktop movement where developers, artists and users can share applications, tools, wallpapers, sounds, icons, themes and other artwork and stuff for the open desktop. Everyone in our network can down and upload artwork, applications, documents and other files. Our main focus is on user generated content therefore providing our users social networking functionality is very important for us. Becoming friends with other free software users or developers, creating groups with lots of discussions inside, message and microblogging functions are just some of possible use cases.

It is important to notice that is the umbrella page of the network that summarizes the content from all sites. Part of this aggregation are pages such as,,, and many other similar sites. Find the whole list in our FAQ. Therefore if you upload something on one of our sites it will be available from, too.

As the network is dedicated to the open source community the membership is completely free and non-binding for everyone. In that way we want to support the open source community in its growth to become bigger and bigger. We think that being better connected is one of the critical necessity to reach this goal. We also have developed the Open Collaborative Services API which helps us to reach more users and to bring the Social Desktop to mainstream.

Of course generates a lot of traffic and cries for amounts of server power. Our sites generate more than 90 million monthly page impressions and reach over 2,6 million unique visitors per month. Therefore we have several ways to pay the running costs. First of all there is advertising. Then there is our job board. It's open and free for everyone to post their offer or application. Premium features such as job naming in several million system emails and in the RSS feeds are offered for companies. That's also a possibility where to gain money from. Additionally we recently have started our sponsoring project to acquire more vital sources. So if you want to support us help us to find sponsors. is maintained by h i v e 01 GmbH which is located in Germany. More information can be obtained on our website." (

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