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Open Capital - related concept by Chris Cook


"There are two innovative concepts which characterise the ‘Open’ Corporate Partnership. Firstly: the realisation that it is now possible for any stakeholder to become a Member of a UK LLP simply through signing a suitably drafted Member Agreement: this puts the ‘Open’ in the Open Corporate. So instead of a supplier signing contractual terms of business negotiated adversarially or an employee being confronted with a Contract of Employment they may instead become true Partners in the Enterprise with their interests aligned with other stakeholders.

The result is that there are no ‘externalities’ and no profit or loss in an Open Corporate Partnership, merely Value creation and exchange between members in conformance with the Member Agreement.

The second innovation is the concept of “Open” Capital itself as defined above. Proportional shares (such as one half, three fifths, five millionths) in an Enterprise constitute an infinitely divisible, flexible and scaleable form of Capital capable of distributing or accumulating Value organically as the Enterprise itself grows in Value or chooses to distribute it." (