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= An artist friendly Linux distro



Valentin Spirik:

One great thing about open-source is that it allows you to remix your own operating system, build something that really fits e.g. a communities needs.

openArtist, based on the latest Ubuntu KarmicKoala, focuses on making sure that everything an artist will need

- is included in the standard installation - comes with at least a short description or a longer help text - is ready to be used “out of the box” or can easily be installed with an extra script

The distro’s maintainer is basically also doing a conferencier’s job, guiding you through your new virtual home, explaining almost each single menu item (hover with the mouse over an app’s icons in the menu for the extensive tooltips). This is an interesting and user friendly approach: an annotated Linux distro that really makes you want to explore everything…

From the openArtist online documentation:

Help and documentation is provided via “extended tooltips for the program launchers, documentation for (nearly) every program, ordered by appearance in the menu structure”. And the “applications are not only installed: They are configured”.

“openArtist features a streamlined interface (gnomebased), with integrated mousegestures, custom menus, reorganized and extended system configuration tools, terminal-on-desktop integration (guake, ctrl+esc), dropbox for collaboration between artists (…)”

For example video editing with Blender: the Blender VSE (Video Sequence Editor) comes with all those extra plug-ins already installed! (Installing these plug-ins is not a trivial task for new Blender users…)" (