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= "a user-driven, open source platform to help communities build their own customizable economic networks using mutual credit cooperative transactions and connect into a wider network of peer communities for mutual benefit".

URL = https://github.com/oscurrency/oscurrency


"The mission of the OSCurrency network is to build and maintain a transparent and user-friendly platform for mutual credit marketplaces to be used by communities and cooperatives as a means of payment and way to aggregate capital and resources to build local economies in resource-constrained environments.

Since 2008, open source activists, developers, community and business leaders have worked collaboratively to build a codebase that allows communities and cooperatives to build their own economies based on the principles of mutual credit. Currently, there are OSCurrency applications being used in business trade networks and time banks internationally. The OSCurrency network overview is at oscurrency.org and contributions an be made via our Open Collective page." (https://opencollective.com/oscurrency#about)