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"ONG Derechos Digitales was founded on january 2005. Among its most important objectives is protection and promotion of fundamental Rights in the Internet, specially focused on privacy and copyright; strenghten a freer culture, supported by a balanced copyright that allows a major access to knowledge for all citizens in the digital

How do you express the work of the NGO Derechos Digitales on citizenship?

Our organization has conducted several projects related to technology, citizens’ rights and access to culture, which have been crystallized through various media to facilitate their sustainability and access.

Thus, highlighting initiatives such as:

  • Creative Commons Chile: National subsidiary of Creative Commons, non-profit organization based in San Francisco, USA.
  • Access to knowledge: Public Communication Channel Project “Copyright and Human Rights. Monitoring, Research and Strengthening Civil Society”.
  • Noa Noa 2.o netlabels: Musical Netlabels Festival website.
  • Hipatia: Publication of technology and free culture with digital and paper format.
  • Trato Justo Para Todos
  • Legal guide for Bloggers: Digital publication that answers legal questions every blogger in Chile.
  • Free culture Book: Spanish translation of the foundational book of free culture and Creative Commons licenses, written by Lawrence Lessig.
  • No Soy Delincuente framework
  • Access to Knowledge Seminar: Initiative which brought together civil society to discuss issues around copyright and access to culture."