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= Shareable has compiled the following list of favorite Twitter users who are posting news and information about the new sharing economy.

Top Sharing Tweeps,


Top Sharing Tweeps

  1. @ShareableDesign That's us folks. Shareable Magazine's Twitter stream covering the sharing trend and offering the largest collection of sharing how-to posts.
  2. @mbauwens Founder of p2pfoundation with updates on open and free, participatory, and commons developments.
  3. @onthecommons On the Commons is a citizens’ network that highlights the importance of the commons in our lives, and promotes innovative commons-based solutions.
  4. @rachelbotsman Author on the power of collaborative technologies to transform business, public services and the way we live.
  5. @collcons Collaborative Consumption is the explosion in traditional sharing, lending, renting and swapping redefined through tech and peer communities
  6. @camerontw Sustainable service systems designs, critical design thinking from the Chair of Design Thinking and Sustainability department, School of Design Strategies, Parsons
  7. @instigating Lisa Gansky, entrepreneur and author of The Mesh, a book about the sharing economy and more.
  8. @rushkoff Influential media theorist, author of Life, Inc. and Program or be Programmed, and convener of the upcoming Contact p2p festival.

Art and Life

  1. @rowdykittens Social change through simple living.
  2. @creativecommons A nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others.
  3. @ninaksimon Designs participatory, interactive, slightly strange museum exhibits all over the place.
  4. @freeculture A diverse, non-partisan group of students and young people who are working to get their peers involved in the free culture movement.
  5. @GAFFTA Gray Area Foundation for the Arts is dedicated to building social consciousness through digital culture. They nurture connections between art, design, sound and technology.
  6. @writesinlaLos Angeles freelance writer covering culture, literature and sustainable living.


  1. @trustcurrency Alternative economy - coops, timebanking, currencies, community self-sufficiency, and more.
  2. @opensourceway#Open source as applied to everything in work and life.
  3. @harkopen Open source hardware community. News, projects and tutorials from the first dedicated open hardware hosting service.
  4. @Deskmag Twitter account for the magazine about coworking.
  5. @jenangel Media activist and publicist interested in food, activism, media, communications, and progressive business development
  6. @accesstrumps News and insights around the sharing economy
  7. @socialadvoc8 Collaborative consumption and social innovation tweeter extraordinaire.


  1. @TracyDavis Planning commissioner & civic blogger, tweeting about land use and local issues.
  2. @LocalManagers City/County Management Association: Leaders at the Core of Better Communities
  3. @urbandata Local & global urban affairs: City planning, health equity, governance 2.0, design, data & community indicator
  4. @BrokenCityLab Broken City Lab is an artist-led collective working in art and collaborative social practice, interested in the city, tactics, interventions, Windsor & Detroit.
  5. @MikeLydon Founding Principal of The Street Plans Collaborative. Co-Author of The Smart Growth Manual. Life is better on two wheels.
  6. @UrbanSubversion Passionate about acitivites that broaden our usage of urban functionality
  7. @ehooge Cities and social innovation in the digital age. Tweets a steady stream of urban goodness with a European perspective.
  8. @pps_placemaking The Project for Public Space's news stream of the placemaking movement.

Communities and Neighborhoods

  1. @leoromero A great source of neighborhood community building tools and insights.
  2. @rentalic A fast growing peer to peer rental service.
  3. @NeighborGoods Save and earn money by sharing your stuff with your neighbors.
  4. @hyperlocavore is a yardsharing community.
  5. @ShareSomeSugar Social & Community Entrepreneur, Brand & Business Strategist, Design Management.
  6. @sharethemesh A global community where access to goods and services trumps ownership.
  7. @cohousing A news stream of the cohousing movement, US focus.

Gov 2.0

  1. @govfresh Gov 2.0, open gov news, guides, TV, tech, people. Focusing on open air government.
  2. @digiphile Alex Howard, the Gov 2.0 Radar Correspondent for O'Reilly Media.
  3. @codeforamerica Recruiting top web professionals to give a year of service building web 2.0 apps for city governments.
  4. @ushahidi Africa-based non-profit tech company that specializes in developing free and open source software for information collection,visualization and interactive mapping.
  5. @Tech4Dev Using mobile technologies to support & strengthen humanitarian work in the fields of global health & disaster relief.