National Council for Food and Nutritional Security - Brazil

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On CONSEA: "In 2003, Brazil undertook a strategy of ‘Zero Hunger’ (fome zero). This strategy, supported by organic law, aimed to guarantee and protect the right to food and nutrition and to create formal spaces for social participation by means of food and nutritional security councils (CONSEA). The national CONSEA was installed within the Presidency of the Republic in order to show the political priority given to the fight against hunger and to promote an intersectoral dialogue between different government departments, reflecting the diversity of social sectors. The CONSEA is composed of a majority of two tiers representing civil society and one tier representing various government sectors. Some decentralised CONSEA have also been instituted with the Federated states and at the municipal level. The CONSEA have been decisive in the adoption and implementation of programs against hunger such as the Food Acquisition Program for family farmers, the National School Meal Program or the Family Allowance program (Bolsa familia), permitting a transfer of wealth to the poorest families." (