Mutual Home Ownership

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Mutual Home Ownership = governance model in between renting and ownership, using the Trust form of governance.



From the report at

"Community land trusts and shared equity co-operatives to secure permanently affordable homes for key workers

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Land Inquiry (2002) called for fresh thinking on new forms of tenure between the twin poles of renting and ownership, noting that permanent renting failed to meet the aspirations of most people, while ownership in many areas was out of their reach.

Against this background, the Common Ground proposals are timely and significant. They are based on a structure that captures increasing land value for the benefit of local communities, so that initial investment creates affordable housing opportunities for successive generations. It aims to do this in a way which avoids both the original disadvantage of council housing – an inability to move on to ownership – but also the penalty inherent in the right to buy, which confers advantage on the first buyer at the expense of future generations. The ownership of the land remains permanently in trust, while occupiers gain access to homes, which are affordable now, and equity shares later connect them to the wider housing market."