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= a simple tool for initiatives, collectives and NGOs to declare the core principles they are committed to. It is a project of the Comunes organization.

URL = [1]


" Move Commons (MC) is a web service to let initiatives select a set of labels that easily advertizes their contribution to the commons.

MC has been started in 2010 by Samer Hassan, Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado and myself, with the help of many other contributors." (


What did we achieve so far?

"We met many people, most of them enthusiastic about Move Commons mission. Several projects adopted labels, and some people were kind enough to share criticism and ideas.

We want to simplify the use of the labels in order to reach more initiatives, and make it easier for MC initiatives to get in touch with each other by proposing a map and a search engine."

See the "Proposed roadmap for Move Commons 2.0" at