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= "Mnemotix invents solidarity and cooperative smart data"



"The big data start-up was created as a cooperative. An unusual choice but claimed by its three co-founders, Mylène Leitzelman, Nicolas Delaforge and Mathieu Rogelja. A player in the social and solidarity economy, Mnemotix develops a hybrid and innovative model.

Mnemotix's vocation is to optimize collaborative work by "exploiting the best of both worlds, Web 2.0 and its social dimension and the semantic Web that structures information. "Specializing in semantic technologies, the start-up company tailors solutions to structure, animate and capitalize the knowledge of companies and organizations. Its raw material is rich documentation, consisting of traces of exchanges between the actors of the targeted community, often isolated in silos. Mnemotix, one of the only companies in France to master this kind of technology, gives it a meaning and finds elements that value it." (

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