Michel Bauwens on the Commons and the Circular Economy

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Podcast via https://soundcloud.com/thinkdif/how-peer-to-peer-will-change-the-world

Interview for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's DIF online conference on the Circular Economy.


"In this podcast, Michel Bauwens joins some dots together and explains why the open source movement, the growing prevalence of peer-to-peer sharing economy platforms and new technologies like blockchain create the potential to create a fundamentally different economic model that circulates vale between businesses, people and the environment, rather than extracts it. Bauwens believes that we should move to an economy that is built on infinite resources like knowledge, rather than finite materials, and we have the structure and technologies to achieve it." (https://www.thinkdif.co/sessions/how-peer-to-peer-can-change-the-world)