Material Spirituality

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= living in the material world consistent with spiritual ideals


Allen Butcher:

"As human beings, our nature includes both physical and spiritual aspects. Each person must find for themselves their own balance of material and of spiritual values, and from the understanding of that authenticity then find or create a circle of friends or community expressing that balance.

Material spirituality affirms the intent of making our material lives consistent with our spiritual ideals. Through affirming the parallel culture we may support individuals and communities in finding their own balance of private and common property ownership through economic diversity, and both immanence and transcendence in spiritual expression through religious pluralism. These expressions of balance represent the variety of hues and shades of color in the rainbow of material spirituality.

Living the values of material spirituality affirms a personal responsibility for self, society and nature, by finding a balance between our material needs and wants and our spiritual ideals, such that the two support the practice of rational altruism in the parallel culture." (