Massimo De Angelis

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"Massimo De Angelis is professor of political economy at the University of East London and editor of the web journal The Commoner (

He is author of work on value theory, global capitalism, social movements and the political reading of economic narrative. His most recent book, The Beginning of History: Value Struggle and Global Capital, came out in 2007 with Pluto press." (

That book (The Beginning of History. Value Struggles and Global Capital, Pluto 2007) analyses capitalist relations and dynamics as constituted by the struggles between the formation of commons and their enclosures by capital. He is currently writing a book on Commons, in which he discusses and analyses questions of power and strategic intervention of the commons movement in this phase of crisis and impasse of neoliberalism. He is the founding editor of the journal The Commoner ( He has recently done research in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, mainly studying subsistence commons. Several of his commentaries on commons and related issues are available on his blog"