Mark Elliot on the Participatory Consultation Process for the Future of Melbourne

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"As part of One Web Day, the City of Melbourne held a breakfast event to share the experiences of the participatory consultation process used to develop the Future Melbourne Community Plan. Dr Mark Elliott (Collabforge) gives a presentation (part 2) covering how the City of Melbourne used a wiki-based collaboration environment to host a month long open access, collaboration session on the City's ten year plan. He also covers some of the initial concerns and how they were dealt with, along with key engagement stats. Following the presentation a panel discussion is hosted (part 3) featuring Geoff Lawler, Director Sustainability & Regulatory Services, City of Melbourne, Paul Rees-Jones, Manager Planning Insights, Clemenger BBDO, Dr Mark Elliott, Director, Collabforge and facilitated by Andrew Gill (MC)."

Video URLs:

   * Part 1:
   * Part 2:
   * Part 3: