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= " working in the area between Design and Ecology, promotes learning by doing and thinking by doing". [1]



By Monica Garriga Miret:

"Decentralised method of peer empowerment: This is what Makea Tu Vida promotes in its projects. This non-profit organisation of a social and educational nature, working in the area between Design and Ecology, promotes learning by doing and thinking by doing. It focuses on respecting the environment, collaborative and open learning, distributed economy of producers, creators, processes, and strategies bottom-up.

Mireia Juan explained that at Makea Tu Vida they explore how to reuse waste and approach design as a tool for transformation and learning. In the process they detect the need to create new scenarios for experimenting with other models of consumption and production. They generate strategies where citizens can have an input. First of all they map the resources: the existing waste and the available people who know how to work with these physical materials so needs can then be addressed.

With El Recetario, an online platform with an open repository (like a recipe book) of detailed instructions for making things by reusing waste, they aim to transform the daily reality of people and communities behind each project. These alternative modes of production and consumption are shown in an annual exhibition, Rehogar (Re-home). Other activities include Non-invasive Local Workshops ("OBNI, Ocupación Barrial No Invasiva"), where "occupation" of public spaces gives visibility to citizen processes and encourages re-appropriation of public space.

Mireia Juan says that although Makea's work doesn’t directly confront big furniture production companies, the fact that IKEA, for example, claims that it is rethinking its business model, could be seen as a success. This might be only a marketing strategy, but at least it seems they are wondering about the system they have created." (