Learning Third Places

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  • France: Bien Sur Terre

“Learning Third Places, places of cultural transformation”

The mission is studying, developing, and putting into practice the concept of Learning Third Places, the embodiment of successful learning cooperation.

This is manifested in emergence dynamics where the idea grows, a dynamic gets organized.

Consultancy and management dynamics for structures willing to evolve and focus on their core.

And finance dynamics so that money is a tool at the service of the Solidarity economy.

Lodève Tiers place: we may accompany an inclusive Third place in a devastated area

Commons Digital co-op: we are since 3 years nourishing a coop project based on a disruptive political and economical model in order to be able to develop and serve all digital services needed while giving jobs to youth and old excluded people." (https://www.shareable.net/mutual-aid-networks-solidarity-summit/) [[Category:]]