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Graduate student at University of Tampere, Finland. Chairman of the Board at Fintage ry.


I am a university student majoring in English philology and minoring in History, Latin and Museology. My research interests include the following: Open Design, 3D Printing, William Morris, The Arts and Crafts Movement, Romanticism, Finnish National Romanticism, Material culture, Decorative Arts, Modern design and Modern architecture. Thematically I am interested in openness and democracy.

I am thoroughly inspired by the modern era and the inspiration spans my studies, my interests and my work. My goal after graduation is to continue research and work in the field of arts.

I work actively (current chairman) in the non-profit association called Fintage ry whose concern is to preserve the culture of past decades (vintage culture) and to promote values related to it, such as reverence for craftsmanship and ecological and sustainable development. At Fintage I organize two large sales and entertainment events every year, Vapriikki-Vintage and Suvi-Vintage, which are visited by several thousand people.

Because of my experience with vintage and antique clothing, I also work on the side as a specialist in men's vintage clothing and etiquette. I have held lectures on related subjects on various occasions and I have also done consulting. Currently I am in the process of getting more acquainted with other types of antiques as well.

Previously in life I have worked as a 3D modeler and 2D artist in the extensive 'modding' peer production community that revolved around Valve Corporation's Half-Life gaming franchise, producing numerous models for free distribution in the commons. I also worked on the Half-Life 2 modification Black Mesa (then Black Mesa Source) as a 3D and 2D artist. My work has also been used in other modifications, due to their being open source, such as in the popular modification Sven Co-op, one of the oldest Half-Life modifications still in development.


My Master's thesis on the philosophical kinship between the Arts and Crafts Movement, 3D printing, peer production and open source can be found here.


You can contact me via twitter @patocorpse