Kijenzi - Distributed Manufacturing in Western Kenya

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= distributed manufacturing hub for the health care industry in Western Kenya (Isumu)



"Kijenzi is born out of R&D and a drive to make impactful manufacturing available to anyone… everywhere.

The moment that it first all came together was in a hospital in western Kenya where we say microscopes that should be used for detecting malaria are sitting idle. They all had broken adjustment knobs. We were able to quickly engineer and 3D print inexpensive replacement knobs that put all of these critical devices back in service.

Soon after, Ben’s understanding of the problem and the process, with John’s picture of the solution and the company came together to form Kijenzi. However, Kijenzi didn’t take flight until a core team came on board to take this vision for next generation manufacturing and make it a reality. The team hails from Kisumu (Kenya), Houghton, Michigan (USA), and State College, Pennsylvania (USA).

After two years of research pilot studies, Kijenzi set up the first manufacturing hub in Kisumu in January, focused on 3D printing spares and products for the healthcare industry in western Kenya. But the vision is much bigger than that. The problem of inefficient and incomplete supply chains plagues institutions and businesses in lower resourced areas around the world, the need for spare parts and products exists in nearly every industry, and digital manufacturing can be used for much more than just plastic parts.

Kijenzi is committed to the mission making digital manufacturing a part of supply chains in every corner of the world and we are committed to supplying organizations around the world with what they need to achieve their mission." (