Kaverna Mountain

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= House located at the Visconde de Mauá hills, open to co-creations, free interactions and open self-management.

URL = http://www.kaverna.tk/


A house that functions as an Open Space for collaborative projects, without hierarchy, no permissions are needed for contributing and interfering in the house. It follows an open, shared and collaborative model of management. It's open to any contributor without prior credentials. No profit intended, open to all kinds of ideas of space usage. Anyone is welcome to stay in the house for as long as s/he wants and collaborate with whatever s/he wants. All expenses related to the space are transparent, available to anyone and the costs are crowdfunded. There is no montlhy free, so anyone interested in using the space is free to contribute with any amount they judge to be fair.

Some examples of the activities undertaken in this space:

- yoga and meditation; religious studies; live music;
- permaculture and bioconstruction;
- Agroecology;
- Ecological tours;
- Resources exchange;​
- Biodance
- Retreats

More Information

  • Address is not as precise as urban locations. The reference is two entrances before "Pousada do Mineiro" lodging on the way from the small bridge that gives acces to the Santa Clara Valley to Maromba direction.