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"An online community to draft, review and vote on laws. No censorship is allowed (only organizing content); every proposal will have a prominent For and Against section, so criticism can never be hidden. Every proposal can be forked and amended by anyone, to better enable collaboration. In the final model, ad money will be distributed between site hosting + development, content creators, and content distributors. Ideally, anyone who can impress a million people with good ideas should not require a day job. The final iteration of The Internet Party will be a legitimate political party that can run along side traditional partisan parties, with the key difference that representatives vote according to the will of their constituents, rather than the will of the party. It will end partisanship, and enable people to choose "fiscal conservatism and moral liberalism", because there will be no bundling of paradigms, or partisan deal-making."

Directory of Projects

Current IP projects include:

The People's Budget -> A means for citizens to spend their own tax money.

The People's Veto -> A way to enable citizens to hold the highest veto in the land (requiring 51% of registered voters to veto a given law) -> A notification system that tracks political promises versus performance, and notifies potentially millions of users about representational failures. -> A set of tools to enable open government data, including links to as many existing open data repositories as possible (feel free to submit your own to the page, and we'll reshare + tag you).

Senate TV -> A debate forum for experts in every given field of government to be voted for by users; this will be a precursor to real-time delegation, whereby instead of voting for one person or another, and that person getting all the power for a constituency, delegates get only as much power as people who vote for them, with realtime shifts instead of election cycles.