Integral Community Exchange System

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= an open source platform featuring social currencies management for communities


Developed by the Catalan Integral Cooperative


"Integral Community Exchange System is a suite of Drupal modules featuring social currencies management for communities.

Integral CES wants to be a modern alternative to the widely-used software CES, Community Exchange System ( bringing improvements to the technology, usability, decentralization and flexibility while keping the solid standards and concepts that the original CES has developed during the last decade.

It is not officially supported by CES nor by its authors. However, it is supported by tens of exchange communities in Spain (having thousands of members) once it becomes complete and stable."



  • Multiple exchange communities. Banking accounts (allowing multiple accounts per user).
  • Transaction between accounts. Transactions between different currencies. Debit and credit limits for accounts.
  • Offers and wants. Categories, search.
  • Blog for each community.
  • Account summary block.
  • Statistics.
  • Import data from CES.
  • Internal features: Automatic tests, flexible notification system, flexible permissions system.
  • See for more documentation and see for a demonstration site.