Impact Investment Exchange Asia

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Impact Investment Exchange Asia, (IIX)

By Anne Field:

"Impact Investment Exchange Asia , better known as IIX. It started about a year ago, when social entrepreneur Durreen Shahnaz launched a private online marketplace in Singapore with the intention of using it as a stepping stone to creating a public exchange. Called Impact Partners, so far it's raised $70 million of capital, listing 12 social enterprises with $5 million or under in revenues raising $1 million to $6 million , and "more than 100 in the pipeline," according to Shahnaz, and more than 120 investors. "It's allowed us to get our feet wet," she says. But later this year, she plans to launch IIX as a public exchange through which actual trading will happen online. IIX is working with an exchange partner that has an already up and running platform it can leverage. Due to regulatory restrictions in Singapore, the exchange will be open only to accredited investors initially. But, eventually, according to Shahnaz, once it's a proven concern, the platform will be opened up to the general public. Says Shahnaz: "This represents a fundamental step in a big, global movement." (

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