Human-Machine-Ecological Deep Growth

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= from a report inquiring into a new National Development Strategy for North Macedonia, which looks at how the nation-state should adopt in a world of networked flows


Dark Matter Lab:

"Any meaningful National Development Strategy needs to adopt a new theory of growth that fundamentally integrates the new human-machine-ecological economy as a virtuous system of both maintaining and expanding economic potentialities, and not see technological advancement as a threat or ecological preservation as a constraint.

Human-machine-ecological deep growth is:

  • Growth that accounts for all the negative externalities that result from the economic activity causing that growth;

  • Growth that is sustainable to the ecological, human and machine systems from which it draws inputs and to which it contributes;

  • Growth that maximises the potential of those systems by regenerating and augmenting them;

  • Growth that is the result of a regenerative economy, which is not only extracting natural resources, but maintains the natural ecosystem in which society is embedded and helps it thrive;

  • Growth that supports the development of foundational antifragility;

  • Growth that focuses on developing 21st century human, machine and ecological capabilities;

  • Growth that shifts the aim from a winner takes all mentality in structures that hitherto had defined parameters and goals and a foreseeable set of variables, to one where success in an uncertain and interconnected world is assessed on mutual advancement, self-sufficiency and maintenance. In other words, growth that focuses on infinite games instead of finite games."


More information

  • ‘A Way Forward’: Governing in an Age of Emergence’, a previous collaboration between UNDP and Dark Matter Labs, over the next 20 years, governments around the world will be facing critical choices on climate, digital and democratic transition for their economy and society - or what we term “human, machine and ecological transition”.


* A New Way Forward: Creating a Framework for Human, Machine and Ecological Transition at a National Scale. By Sanja Bojanic, Biljana Cvetanovska Gugoska, Lazar Pop Ivanov and Narine Sahakyan, UNDP North Macedonia; Mihai Chereji, Meggan Collins, Indy Johar, Linnéa Rönnquist and Zehra Zaidi, Dark Matter Labs

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