How the Italian Juridical Experience with the Commons Created a New Dimension of the State as a Non-Sovereign State-Community Open to All

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* Article: Biens communs. Contribution à une théorie juridique. Par Alberto Lucarelli. Droit et société 2018/1 (N° 98), pp 254+



"The present article rethinks the “modèle domanial” from a new approach of the Commons oriented towards the satisfaction of fundamental rights and a new form of participatory democracy. By critically reflecting on the individualistic conception of property and the discretionary power of the administration, this study, in revisiting the Italian experience, seeks to construct a new dimension of the Commons with a new dimension of the State, no longer considered sovereign but as a state-community open to all. The Commons become processes of continuous integration considered as own goods belonging no longer to the market but to the citizens, thereby enabling the re-founding of a social state."