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= own your own personal data, and manage them on a marketplace

URL = http://www.hatdex.org/


"Using dataplugs, pull your own data from Facebook, Google, Apple into your HAT. As more dataplugs become available, you can also claim your data from other organisations like broadband providers, healthcare providers, supermarkets, wearables and IoT devices."


  • "HATTERS is the place where new users acquire a HAT. All HATs certified by the HAT Community Foundation will be available here. New HAT applications can also be downloaded here. HATTERS is also the future peer-to-peer exchange platform for HAT users.
  • MarketSquar ies a public space on the Internet for HAT users to come together as a community. Browse data offers, keep up to date with the latest news, chat or broadcast. MarketSquare™ is also where corporations request for HAT data.
  • Rumpel is a private dashboard for a user to manage his or her own HAT data, content and assets. Claim Internet data into your own HAT using data plugs. Plan your digital life with views. Control and exchange your HAT data and content with data debits.
  • The HAT is a private 'server' for individuals on the Internet. HATDeX HATs deploy Docker Containers, wrapping up a complete system, accessible anywhere, for users to manage their own personal data, content & assets."