Harald Katzmair on Developing and Implementing Social Network Campaign Strategies

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Podcast at http://www.internetadvocacycenter.com/education/podcasts/social_networks.MP3


"Everyone is talking about social networks like MySpace, YouTube, Care2, and Flickr. But who really understand what they are and how they can help your advocacy and political campaigns? FAS.research does.

Imagine that you have a limited budget (not hard to do, I imagine) and need to create a buzz in a social network about your campaign. If you only have the time and resources to reach out and recruit a half a dozen people in that network, which members will end up connecting you to the largest portion of the network? That is just one of the questions FAS.research can answer.

Before you let anyone tell you that they can help your campaign leverage MySpace and YouTube, see what Harald has to say. Learn what makes a social network work, whether you are reaching out to an existing one or building your own."