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= VP of Wikimedia Mexico


"Gustavo Sandoval Kingwergs, 48;8 (Mexico City, June 15, 1964), Mexican, certified English-Spanish and French-Spanish translator of official documents (TSJDF, 2007 to date/El Colegio de México/Colmex, 1990-92/British Council, 2008 to date), BSc with honors in Psychology (School of Psychology, UNAM, 1986-90, thesis work about the risk factors of chronic insomnia in adolescents), two years at the School of Medicine, UNAM (1983-85); freemasonry (1983-85; Feb 2013 to date); Wikipedian (2007 to date; vicepresident at Wikimedia México, A.C., Jan 2013 to date); president at the civil association "Escuela Secundaria 59 Club de Leones de la Ciudad de México, A.C.", the junior high school where I studied at 1976-79; studying German language at FES Acatlán (UNAM) (Feb 2013 to date) after studying German language at many other schools (high school, CELE-UNAM, Goethe Institut, CELE-Mascarones, private courses); two attempts to study PhD courses in psychology: neurosciences (sleep research): Cinvestav-IPN (1995) and School of Psychology-UNAM (2005), both incomplete; three diploma courses: a) EEG research at FES Zaragoza-UNAM, b) terminology (El Colegio de México/Colmex, Apr-Jun 2008), and c) English-Spanish translation of scientific texts (CELE-UNAM-Tlalpan, Jan-Dec 2012). Publications: (translation of an American Psychological Association resolution), translation of several scientific abstracts for the Centers for the Integration of Youth (Centros de Integración Juvenil, A.C.); works on risk factors of chronic insomnia at congresses organized by the Mexican Association of Psychology; translation of the abstract of the work "Sexuality in the aged", by Selma González Serratos, MSc in psychology and sexologist, to be presented at the Congress of Sexology, Amsterdam, 1990; Spanish-English translation of the tourist guide "Bésame mucho" to promote Mexico City, published by Mexico City's Secretariat of Tourism (texts written by Pablo Molinet) (April 2009); English-Spanish translation of "Khlebnikovian time: Between H. G. Wells and Kalachakra/El tiempo khlebnikoviano: entre H. G. Wells y Kalachakra”, by Andrea Hacker (from the book "Variantology 2: On Deep Time Relations of Arts, Sciences and Technologies", ed. Siegfried Zielinski and David Link (2006, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König). Other activities: participation as an art educator at workshops: International Book Fair for Children and Youngsters (FILIJ); Spanish-English translator of financial statements working at accounting and audit firms (KPMG Cárdenas Dosal, S.C., 1996-2000, and Ruiz Urquiza-Arthur Andersen, 2000-2001)."