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Collaborative Consumption as a Sharing lifestyle. What can you do?



Via Shareable [1]:

"The collaborative consumption movement empowers people to thrive despite economic climate. Instead of looking to the government or corporations to tell us what we want or create a solution for our problems, we take action to meet our own needs in a creative fashion. This is our power source. Start looking for ways to share at school, on community billboards, by asking friends, or use the resources below (US-based unless noted otherwise):

Shared Housing

  • - A roomate finder and roomates search service which covers thousands of cities nationwide. [2]

Social Food

  • Gobble, Grubwithus, and Eat With Me (Australia) are Airbnbs for meals. Use them to find or host a meal in your neighborhood. Never eat alone! [4]
  • MamaBake - Large batch group cooking saves time and money, not to mention it's fun! [5]
  • Local Harvest - A massive directory that helps you find farmers' markets, CSA's, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area. [6]

Personal Finance

  • Lending Club - An online financial community that brings together creditworthy borrowers and savvy investors so that both can benefit financially. [8]
  • Zopa (UK) - Where people get together to lend and borrow money directly with each other, sidestepping the banks for a better deal.
  • Prosper - A peer-to-peer lending site that allows people to invest in each other in a way that is financially and socially rewarding.

Entrepreneurship / Work

  • Kickstarter - A crowd-funding site powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.
  • Profounder - A site that makes it easy for your community to contribute financially to your business, so they're literally invested in your success. [10]
  • BetterMeans - Use open-source decision-making rules, and self-organizing principles to run your real-world projects. [11]
  • TaskRabbit - A service that enables you to outsource your tasks and deliveries (Boston and San Francisco Bay area only...for now).
  • Use the coworking wiki, Loosecubes or Liquidspace to find a friendly place to cowork. Coworking is a flexible and community-oriented workspace option for business travelers, independent workers, and entrepreneurs.


  • CouchSurfing - An international network that connects travelers with free accommodations offered by locals in over 230 countries. There's no better way to immerse yourself in the local culture than to stay with an friendly local.
  • Airbnb - the leading a fee-based service that connects people who have space to share with travelers looking for lodging, all over the world. Also check out similar services iStopOver, Roomorama, and Tripping. Save a ton of money and connect to the local scene through these peer to peer lodging sites.
  • Park at my House - Provides affordable and fine-free parking by enabling property-owners to rent out their empty driveways, garages, and car parks to drivers needing somewhere to park. [12]
  • Your Parking Space - Your Parking Space provide an online service for people to rent out their garage, parking space or driveways. [13]

Land / Gardening

  • Hyperlocavore - Share gardens, seeds, tools and good times growing food! See similar services Shared Earth and UK-based Landshare. [14]


  • ZipCar - the largest fleet-based carsharing service in the world.
  • RelayRides, Getaround, Just Share It, and Whipcar (UK) - Rent cars to or from neighbors using the leaders of the peer to peer carsharing movement.
  • Weeels - order cabs and share rides with this smartphone app.


(Books, Movies, Games, Music)

  • - The leading online swap marketplace for books, movies, music and games. Amazing selection. Update: now swapping everything.
  • BookMooch - Lets you swap books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want. [19]
  • Goozex - A trading platform for video games and movies. [20]
  • Paperback Swap - Trade paperback books for free. Also DVDs and CDs. [21]


  • Check The S.W.A.P. Team,, Swap for Good, and The Swapaholics for Clothing Swaps near you. [22]
  • Use Renttherunway to rent authentic designer clothing for up to 90 percent off retail prices. [23]
  • Swapstyle - An interactive fashion website where members can swap - rather than buy - unlimited designer clothes. [24]
  • Try Bag Borrow & Steal and Fashionhire - to rent designer handbags and accessories at affordable prices. [25]
  • And when the time comes to start a family, use ThredUp to swap kid's clothes, books, and toys with other parents.

Redistribution Sites

(where unneeded stuff finds a loving home)

  • Freecycle - The original grassroots organization for giving and getting free stuff in your town.

Renting and sharing of general goods where you live

  • Jointli. Do you want to co-own something? This is the perfect tool to buy, use, and manage a shared asset together like cars, tools, real estate, and more. [27]


  • Chegg - Rent expensive textbooks on the cheap. [28]
  • Better World Books - Save big on used textbooks. [29]
  • CafeScribe - A new service that lets you download electronic copies of your textbook, add friends, and share your notes. [30]
  • GradeGuru - A leading student notesharing and social network. [31]