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"GPU is a Gnutella client that allows users to share CPU-resources. GPU allows the creation of computer alliances. The CPU-time sharing system does not recognize privileges between users. Each person agrees to provide network resources as needed and in return is able to get CPU-cycles from other clients on the network system. Plugins extend the capabilities of client nodes and are compiled so as to take advantage of the power of the latest processors. Right now, this client allows rendering of Terragen movies. An experimental search engine is included, too. GPU cluster size typically ranges from 5 to 15 computers. It is possible to organize ourself in teams and view statistics. Help us with your pioneer attitude in tweaking and improving this 15GHz monster :) (which is under GPL and targets only peaceful goals btw)."


"The Global Processing Unit (GPU) is a collaborative world-wide effort to build the first giant Internet Supercomputer. This giant supercomputer will be used for open, free and peaceful research purposes only. It will be used as for distributed computing projects, for agent-driven applications and as a monitoring network with sensors. There are many examples of collaborative efforts which are succesful like the Wikipedia, Debian and its Linux kernel to build a free operating system, One Laptop Per Child which aims to donate a laptop to each child in developing countries. GPU would like to convey efforts from the Open Source Community to build the first giant supercomputer, built, supported, documented and run by volunteers."

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