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= Italian advocate of political ecology


Giovanna Ricoveri, Italian, located in Rome, Italy ([email protected], land phone 39 06 7005519; cell. 349 8522368) completed her academic formation in law (University of Pisa, Italy) and in economics (University of Columbia, New York, Usa). For a few years she engaged in the field of economic research and teaching in the Usa and in Italy and then worked for the Italian Unions, mainly textiles. In 1991 she put up the journal "Capitalismo Natura Socialismo" in the framework of an international network of journals of political ecology (“Capitalism Nature Socialism”, edited by James O’Connor in the Usa, “Ecologia politica” edited by Juan Martinez-Alier in Spain and “Ecologie Politique” edited by Jean-Paul Deléage in France). She has written extensively in matters related to political ecology (see the website; on the commons, she has published two books and two articles (see below, Publications). She has studied the Italian “usi civici” ruled by a law of 1927, organizing a campaign against their privatisation in the Regione Lazio in the years 2005 –2007. She runs a non profit organizazion called “Ecologia Politica. Alternative per lo sviluppo” (see



• Law Degree in the University of Pisa, Faculty of Law, Italy (1958), major in constitutional law. • PhD in Economics (1965) at Columbia University, New York, Usa, where I was a Fulbright student and majored in development with prof. Albert Hirschman. • Visiting Professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz (1985). • Fulbright Fellow for Employment (1990) in Washington DC-Usa, where I was hosted by the Boston University in Boston Mass, by the labor movement in Chicago and by the local Government in Akron-Ohio. • End (European Nuclear Disarmament) activist for the Italian Unions and organizer of several peace conventions in Europe, included that of 1991 in the USSR. • Officer of the Italian Unions monitoring the first democratic elections in South Africa, 1993.

Work experiences

• Founder and editor of the Italian journal «CNS-Ecologia Politica» since its beginning, March 1991, now online ( The journal is linked to «CNS-Usa», founded and edited by James O’Connor, «Ecologia Politica» edited in Spain by Juan Martinez-Alier and <Ecologie et Politique> edited in France by Jean-Paul Deléage. • Trade Unions officer in Cgil (Confederazione generale italiana del lavoro) for twenty years, many of which dedicated to analyze and organize the workers of the textile, clothing and shoe industry. • Consultant for several Italian and European research institutions, unions organizations and NGO’s in matters related to political ecology and Intellectual Property Rights. • Lecturer in political ecology, globalization, neo-liberalism and neo-colonialism in Italy and the Usa. • Translator from English in the fields of: ecology (Vandana Shiva, Monocultures of the Mind; Biopiracy. The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge; Stolen Harvest. The Hijacking of the Glob al Food Supply); economics (Joan Robinson, Economic Heresies; Joseph Shumpeter, Business Cycles, Wolfgang Sachs and Tilman Santarius (editors), Slow Trade-Sound Farming) and politics (Rashid Khalidi, Resurrecting Empire. Western Footprints and America’s Perilous Path in the Middle East).

Main publications

• Beni comuni vs merci (2010), Jaca Book, Milano, pp.130 • “I beni comuni: un patrimonio da proteggere”, in Agricoltura Istituzioni Mercato, n.1, 2010 • Capitalismo Natura Socialismo (ed.), (2006), Jaca Book, Milano, pp. 280 • Beni comuni tra tradizione e futuro (ed), (2005), Emi, Bologna, pp.160 • AGRI-CULTURA. Terra Lavoro Ecosistemi, with R. Bocci (2006), Emi, Bologna, pp. 192 • “Diritti di proprietà intellettuale e agricoltura nei paesi del Sud”, (2008) in Ricerca e Cooperazione – Cocis, Senza Patente, Roma • La sfida EMAS (1999), Ministero dell’Ambiente, Roma • Sindacato e Processi di internazionalizzazione (1998), Ediesse, Roma • The second contradiction in the Italian experience, with Valentino Parlato, (1996), in Ted Benton (ed.), The Greening of Marxism, Guilford, London • Il pensiero unico (1996), La lumaca, Roma • Culture of the left and green culture. The challenge of the environmental revolution in Italy (1993), in « CNS Usa», n.15 • La Quarta Italia (1989) Ediesse, Roma • Processi di ristrutturazione nelle fabbriche laniere e cotoniere (1974), ESI, Roma

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