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GeoRSS = adds geo-tags to RSS that hold spatial data. That data is associated with the text, numbers and images that are published in the feed.



"There are currently two encodings of GeoRSS: GeoRSS-Simple and GeoRSS-GML. GeoRSS-Simple is meant as a very lightweight format that developers and users can quickly and easily add to their existing feeds with little effort. It supports basic geometries (point, line, box, polygon) and covers the typical use cases when encoding locations. For a more feature-rich option, GeoRSS GML is a formal GML Application Profile, and supports a greater range of features, notably coordinate reference systems other than WGS-84 latitude/longitude. Both formats are designed for use with Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0 and RSS 1.0, although it can be used just as easily in non-RSS XML encodings." (