Gebser’s 19 Criteria to Appraise Aperspectival Movements and Tendencies

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Peter Pogany:

"(1) The whole: Originary givenness spiritually awared.

(2) Integrity: Harmonious coexistence among all structures in the lived experience of integral consciousness.

(3) Transparency: Based on the thermodynamic worldview, the individual sees, senses, and feels the unity of past, present, and future. Such a synairetic way of “understanding” becomes the permanent backdrop in dealing with all problems of human life.

(4) The spiritual: Excessively ambitious calculative deficiency withdraws in the face of originary presence. The intellect is no longer dominated by a compulsion to squeeze the world into categories; quantifying, tabulating, and formalizing every aspect of it. Primal trust overcomes primal fear.

(5) Supersession of the ego: Reduction of egoity -- Ichhaftigkeit. (Feuerstein describes the outward manifestations of integral consciousness. See, Feuerstein, 1987, p. 170).

(6) Realization of timelessness: Connection between archaic-magic preconceptual and integral postconceptual “being-without-time.”

(7) Realization of temporicity: Recognition of mythical elements (e.g., cyclicality and destiny) in the structure of consciousness.

(8) Realization of the concept of time: While becoming the integrating factor of all dimensions, time itself disappears (becomes amension) both as an absolute scientific/philosophical concept and as the Molach of daily life.

(9) Realization of time-freedom: The integrative vantage point renders individual, community, and cosmic existence transparent.

(10) Disruption of the merely systematic: Freedom from mental-rationally perceived causality, liberation of creativity.

(11) Incursion of dynamics: Conscious appreciation that ceaseless animation is a fundamental aspect of all forms of existence, including human thought.

(12) Recognition of energy: The science of thermodynamics absorbs and reinterprets conceptualizations and characterizations of time.

(13) Mastery of movement: Transformation of consciousness begins to take an outward shape.

(14) Fourth dimension: Conscious absorption that Being is temporally dimensionless.

(15) Supersession of patriarchy: Movement toward integrum is catalyzed by the elimination of man/woman duality in the socioeconomic sphere; decline in the relevance of masculine symbolism in theological metanarratives.

(16) Renunciation of dominance and power: Discovery that imbalances in personal and social relations are ultimately futile, collectively harmful, and consequently, untenable in the long run.

(17) Acquisition of intensity: The presentiation of “Itself” (Sich) as internal transcendence in opposition to the mere expansion of consciousness. (This theme is too abstractly related to economic theory to make a plausible connection.)

(18) Clarity (instead of mere wakefulness): Recognition through a “systatic act” that the outer-related (exhaling) mental-rational world of wakefulness, buffeted by previously dominant structures, is insufficient to achieve true freedom.

(19) Transformation of the creative inceptual basis: History is no longer viewed as a path of some linearly imaged progress; the future as an unlimited design of human volition." (