GNU Compiler Collection - Governance

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Commentary from the Oekonux mailing list (Stefan Merten?):

"The GNU Compiler Collection ( is a huge project, with many participating commercial entities, and a lot of commercial end-users.

The heterogeneity of the involved interests, as well as the sheer size of the projects requires good project management.

Thus, there is

  • a steering comittee, which tries to coordinate all the involved

interests (

  • a release manager, who sets up a release schedule, and generally, a

formal development plan (

  • a list of 'maintainers' for the various modules, with various responsabilities and rights.

There are a number of commercial entities involved in the development of GCC (such as Apple, CodeSourcery, Google, IBM, RedHat), but there are also a substantial number of contributors who work on it in their spare time."