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"Since its foundation in 1961 the GLS Treuhand has offered its resources to every individual who is committed to working for the common good.

The GLS Treuhand offers advice regarding last wills and inheritance as well as donations and the establishment of individual charitable foundations. It can play the role of an intermediary in the personal process of transferring wealth for community oriented benefits.

With the Foundations for the Future, the GLS Treuhand is directly engaged in the fields of education, development assistance, agriculture, health care and social welfare. Currently it maintains more than 60 donor advised funds. Founders and initiatives continue to be involved in the decision making processes. The GLS Treuhand also offers specific topic-oriented funds (so-called Theme Funds) which work towards resolving crucial social challenges.

The legal structure of the GLS Treuhand is that of a trusteeship, an umbrella organisation of 290 (2009) associations with social, ecological and cultural goals. The trusteeship belongs to the GLS group, together with the GLS Bank and the GLS holding company." (