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Eric Hunting:

"Earthen construction has the general caveat of high labor and skill overhead, which limits its practical application to things where vast amounts of labor are free (through volunteerism) or the regional economy makes labor much less expensive than materials, as in the developing world. Here furnitecture, made with CNC, offered an interesting possibility of reducing labor on such construction by simplifying interior finishing and allowing for simpler, more functionally generic, primary shelter structure. This could expand the variety of situations where these otherwise labor-intensive techniques could prove useful, relief shelter in particular.

Furnitecture is my term for furniture designs that bridge the line between furniture and architecture through the use of multifunctional volumetric structure, such as the 'living structures' explored by designer Ken Isaacs in the 1960s and '70s, and which offer many possibilities for uses of small space, minimalist open plan structures, adaptive reuse of old buildings, low-toxic housing, and nomadic use. It's been something of an obsession of mine for a while." (https://www.facebook.com/groups/p2p.open/permalink/1722656941111811/?)