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"Fritz Mielert, architect and political activist, was born in 1979. After finishing school, he worked seven years as a volunteer for Greenpeace and participated in many direct actions for the environmental organization. As an architect, he co-founded a company for product design and conducted research at the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design at the University of Stuttgart. Early 2010, together with others, he built up a resistance group, called the Parkschützer, for which he developed different trainings for civil disobedience and is instrumental for the public relations of the group.

The "Parkschützer" (Park Guards) are one of the most important groups in the movement against Stuttgart 21, which is a 4-12 billion euro real estate project. Consisting of activists and an internet platform ( <>) with over 30,000 users, the Parkschützer are part of a more radical group who have declared that they will chain themselves to trees and/or block construction vehicles. The internet platform allows users to proclaim what form their personal protest will take and trainings help in networking protesters with others who have similar (protest) interests. Active members of the Parkschützer participate in non-violent direct action, inform the public through tabling actions, presentations and seminars, and are an important representation of the resistance movement for the media.

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