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= group within the Libre Planet network of free software activists



"Group:Free Software in Government

Let's work together to get governments to adopt free software. Here are some ways you can contribute to this wiki page and group:

If you come across any stories or examples in which a government is adopting, debating, or even just discussing free software, please add whatever information and URLs that you can to this page.

Share with us any appeal letters or text you have written to your government or representatives.

Share links and info about any other mailing lists or groups involved in promoting free software in government.

However, if you are aware of any good opportunities for getting free software adopted by a particular government and you are looking for immediate or urgent help and support, then we urge you to do more than simply update this page. Hopefully the work of this group can produce some mailing lists and/or contact lists that you will be able to reach out to when looking for support and help from fellow free software activists. But, in the very least, please email the FSF at [email protected]" (