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" is a volunteer cooperative association dedicated to education, collaboration, and advocacy for the creation of FreeNetworks. You can show solidarity and support the cause by building a network that follows our peering guidelines, and identify it to your users as a FreeNetwork.

What is a Free Network?

A FreeNetwork is any computer network that allows free local transit, following the guidelines of our peering agreement. By "transit", we refer to information flowing through the network. While most of our members specialize in wireless networking, a FreeNetwork can be built using Ethernet, fiber optics, or any other kind of networking technology. A FreeNetwork is defined by what its users can do with it, rather than the particular technology it is built on.

Who we are

FreeNetworkers have been meeting since 2000 to organize, share information, and pool resources to find the best way to build community networks. Our members include community advocates, system administrators, RF engineers, writers, lawyers, programmers, "business owners, and many others who want to help build FreeNetworks in their local communities." (