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= FoodCloud is Linking up Businesses and Charities to Redistribute Surplus Food to People in Need in Dublin, Ireland



By Anna Davies:

"Having identified the mismatch between organizations with surplus food and organizations that provide for people experiencing food poverty, FoodCloud developed a “smart-simple” app to facilitate a mutually beneficial exchange of food that can be scaled. Using a custom-built technology platform, participating businesses post details of their surplus food and identify a time period for its collection. This posting triggers an automated text message to participating charities in the area that can indicate that they would like to pick up the food. Recognizing the challenges that charities face in picking up food late at night – the time when businesses often identify their surplus food – FoodCloud has also introduced a food rescue team of volunteers in Dublin, Ireland, who use a donated electric vehicle to facilitate pickup and drop-offs between businesses and charities." (



• In 2014, FoodCloud announced a partnership with supermarket chain Tesco to roll out its app across 146 stores in Ireland.

• More than 12,074,197 meals have been distributed in the U.K. and Ireland, according to the organization. This figure quantifies the sustainability benefits of the redistribution of food through FoodCloud, but there are also qualitative ones.