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Daniel Christian Wahl:

"The Findhorn College was established in 2000 to offer academically accredited programmes based on holistic and transformative education for sustainability and personal empowerment. Among its longest running courses is the “Human Challenge of Sustainability” a semester-long undergraduate programme accredited through the University of Massachusetts.

In 2007, the author joined Findhorn College as its academic outreach and programme development director, funded largely by the Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Moray. A number of collaborative partnerships with Scottish universities and educational institutions in the UK and internationally have been established since.

Among the new masters level courses currently in development are: the ‘MSc. in Integrated Sustainable Community Design’ with Heriot-Watt University; the ‘MSc in Sustainable Housing Futures’ with the Robert Gordon University, the ‘MSc. in Transition to Sustainability’ with the University of St. Andrews in partnership with the Centre for Alternative Technology ( and Schumacher College (; the ‘MSc. in Natural Design’ with the University of Dundee; and the ‘MSc. in Sustainability Studies’ with the University of Highlands and Islands Millennium Institute." (


Daniel Christian Wahl, Note from 2017:

"Unfortunately only one of these masters programmes ever launched and ran for 3 years. Once I left the college it continued for two more years and then fell victim to a change in departmental leadership at the collaborating university. Many successful ‘field study visits to the Findhorn ecovillage by masters and undergraduate programmes throughout the UK were held during my time at Findhorn College and some of them continue to visit the community every year." (

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