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K-MALEON is a free cultural festival self-organized by Leon and surrounding citizens.

K-MALEON claimed free culture without intermediaries, without managers or companies that interfere with free communication with the public creators. Our goal is to reach all people and groups who take these ideas: free culture, shared knowledge and creativity in action.

People who participate in the free culture festival K-MALEON are creators and citizens interested in art and culture in all its forms ... music, theater, literature, performance, dance, circus, photography, audiovisual, graphic design, creative recycling, computers, paint ... but also cultural mediation and activism.

Quotes and mentions

http://www.ileon.com/cultura/018329/por-tercer-ano-consecutivo-el-festival-de-cultura-libre-k-maleon http://ileon.com/cultura/003862/segunda-edicion-del-k-maleon

External links

http://k-maleon.org http://www.facebook.com/kmaleon11 https://twitter.com/kmaleoncete

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    Move Commons: Non Profit, Reproducible, Reinforcing the Commons/Town/Community/Society, Grassroots

    Move Commons: Non Profit,Reproducible, Reinforcing the Commons/Town/Community/Society, Grassroots