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"Felipe Fonseca is a brazilian media activist, producer and researcher. He was one of the founders of initiatives such as the MetaReciclagemand Bricolabs networks, Ubalab and Rede//Labs, among many others. Felipe was a panelist or speaker in international events as FutureSonic/FutureEverything, Wizards of OS, Transmediale, iSummit, Next5Minutes, Lift and others. He was part of the trandisciplinary team responsible for creating, developing and implementing the digital culture strategy for the brazilian Ministry of Culture (2003-2007)."

"HE is a researcher and organizer of projects on collaborative production, independent media, free software, and social technologies. He was one of the coordinators of the Digital Culture project at the Ministry of Culture in Brazil and a researcher/intern on the Waag-Sarai exchange platform in 2004. He is one of the creators of the social technologies project MetaReciclage and a member of the advisory committee for the project Descentro. At present he is also involved in carrying out workshops as part of the Bricolab project, an international network of technology appropriation laboratories.

He has given lectures at international events such as (un)Common Ground and Pedagogical Faultlines (Amsterdam, 2007), Shift (Lisbon, 2006), Wizards of OS (Berlin, 2006), iSummit (Rio de Janeiro, 2006), Incommunicado (Amsterdam, 2005), Alternative Law Forum (Bangalore, 2004) and Next 5 Minutes (Amsterdam, 2003)."

More info at http://www.metareciclagem.org/drupal/