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= alternative nonprofit booking site organized by French hoteliers

URL = *https://www.fairbooking.com/en/


FairBooking was set up by French hotel owners looking to offer an alternative to online central reservation systems. Launched in May 2013, it has grown into a community of thousands of hotel professionals and consumers who strive together to re-inject a bit of human contact into the industry. The goal is to maintain jobs and allow for much-needed investments that are difficult to afford for establishments who have to pay a 15 to 30% commission to a middleman.

FairBooking is one of the programs of the not-for-profit association.

All members can benefit from this responsible good deal with a choice of either breakfast on-the-house, a 5 to 10% discount or a room upgrade.

FairBooking’s website is not a central reservation system. It’s more a search-and-find tool that puts you directly in touch with your chosen establishment. The website is financed by annual pro-membership fees that vary from 150€ to 400€ depending on the size of the hotel.

As opposed to massive online central reservation systems, hotel ratings are not based on rate of commission but rather on criteria defined by the users themselves.