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FLO = free/libre/open source


Devin Balkind:

"The free/libre/open source (FLO) movement has created all the technologies local communities need to rebuild the world from the grassroots outward. These technologies include entire operating systems with complete suites of free software (Linux, OpenOffice, etc), web applications to construct enterprise grade inter/extra nets and website (Drupal, Joomla, Django), cloud computing server platforms (OpenStack), designs for local manufacturing of industrial equipment including tractors (Open Source Ecology), 3D printers (RepRap), and even automobiles (Local Motors).

The scale and scope of FLO technologies is not discussed by the mainstream media because FLO projects don't have marketing/pr/communications campaigns anywhere close to the scale of Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and other suppliers of proprietary solutions. The lack of knowledge about FLO provides innovative nonprofit organizations with unique opportunities to leverage FLO to their advantage by (1) improving the quality and reducing the cost of their technology solutions with FLO tools, (2) increasing their organization's capacity to collaborate with stakeholders with FLO techniques, and (3) promoting their use of FLO tools and techniques within a unique social justice framework." (http://www.sarapisfoundation.org/index.php/say/item/147-welcome-to-the-flo-movement)