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"EventsML-G2 is a new standard for exchanging information about events and it is a member of the new IPTC G2 Family of Standards. The technical implementation of the standard is built on XML technology.

EventsML-G2 is intended for these use cases:

  • Event publishing – communicating information about events, including associated media
  • Event coverage – communicating information about coverage of events by news organizations (often referred to as a “Daybook”) . This should include linkage between resulting news packages and event coverage information.

The IPTC started developing this standard in 2004 and as a first result the Business Requirements Document (rev 4) was published in June 2004. Now the work is focussed on the specification details by making use the new News Architecture framework of the G2-Standards.

A Release Candidate (RC) package of EventsML-G2 was made available in October 2007" (