Ethelo Decison Making Engine

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= An Ethelo decision relies upon an integrated in-person and online public consultation platform designed to facilitate complex decision making processes.




"Ethelo is a data processing algorithm developed by Evolition that can take input in the form of issues, options, values, and constraints – such as costs and other information – both qualitative and quantitative. It uses mathematical methods to identify “Pareto” optimized combinations of options that maximize support across a group, and minimize discord and resistance that arises from unfair distribution of influence." (


"By using the Ethelo decison making engine, Party X will offer British Columbians a new and more precise way to have our voices heard. It's about getting people involved, sharing ideas, learning from each other and seeing where we stand before we vote in the election!

When PartyX launched The HST Debate App during B.C.'s referendum in 2011, the technology was in its early stages but came within 1% accuracy of the actual HST vote. Now with a complete overhaul of the platform since then, the decisons we make collectively will be beyond a yes or no question." (